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It’s not that you have too much kit, it’s just your bag is too small!

This is my camera bag history, well at least a partial history. These are the bags I’ve had since shooting digital on anything more than a compact (I probably still have some of my old SLR bags in the loft too, quite probably with film left in the camera).  All are used/secondhand and it is just conincidence that they are all Lowepro bags, but the fact that they all have plenty of use left in them play testament to Lowepro.


You may begin to notice that I buy a lot of my things used or reconditioned. It seems odd  and wasteful to me to buy new if you can get the same thing used or reconditioned (obviously you can always find everything but it’s always worth a search).

I started my real journey into digital with a Panasonic  LUMIX TZ5 a compact camera chosen for it’s impressive (at the time) 10x optical zoom (one of their latest has a 30x optical zoom). I’ve never really seen the point of digital zoom (that’s what Photoshop is for). – It’s a good camera, It took, and still takes, good photos but I soon wanted something more, I felt limited in the photos I took. The quality was great, but the manual control was limited and when I wanted to take a shot with an unusual composition or with unusual lighting, which the camera didn’t like, it either tried to compensate or just wouldn’t let me take the shot all.

I decided to buy myself a new camera, looking at the options I decided against going for a full blown dSLR (a decision mainly driven by camera size) and instead stuck with Panasonic. I ordered my (reconditioned) LUMIX G3 in early 2012 (I think) and I still use that camera today. What’s more I still enjoy using that camera today, I bought a single lens kit which came with a 14mm-42mm lens. Now almost six years on I have so much more to go with it.

Creative curiosity has lead me to buy various filters and adaptors, some have been used once (fluorescent day light filter: I’m more of an outdoors photographer), some are used at every opportunity (neutral density filters) and I needed somewhere to put them all. My original camera bag was no longer big enough, so I got a bigger one, second hand off EBay. I managed to live quite happily with this bag until my dad decided he no longer got the use from his Canon 350d dSLR (or Canon Rebel XT depending where you are from) and asked if I wanted it, well of course I did, mainly because he had a 100mm-300mm lens to go with it! This did however caused a problem, where my camera bag was once spacious and easy to access it was now cramped and difficult to get anything out without unpacking the whole of its contents (even after I had decided to leave some of my kit out)!

I needed a bigger bag, luckily my wife works for Oxfam (as well as writing the quite frankly brilliant which conversely is in part a minimalist blog (who says opposites attract))! Enter into my life another bigger camera bag, this time, this one has room for all my kit, everything I will ever need to take with me! 

For now at least…

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